HotNews From Romania


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The “hot-news” doctrine was first formulated by the United States Supreme Court in 1918. This was before the current Copyright Act was enacted. The fastest means of communication were wire services and newspapers. At that time, Associated Press and International News Service (INS) competed with each other to publish news articles. The INS independently employed journalists who covered news events and produced articles for distribution to affiliated newspapers across the country. While the original incarnation of the hot news story will draw the most clicks and eyes, later versions may be more misleading.

If you’re looking for news about Romania, HotNews is an excellent source. The site publishes news, interviews, opinion pieces, and videos on a variety of topics. Its content is updated daily and available in English and Romanian. It is also available in Russian. HotNews offers live streaming and podcasts. HotNews is Romania’s leading news site, but it covers news and opinion pieces from all over the world.