What is HotNews?


HotNews is a Romanian news website and is one of the largest in the country. It is a comprehensive site that focuses on current affairs, politics, and finance. It publishes articles, videos, and interviews. Besides news, HotNews also features video documentaries. It is one of the most popular news sites in Romania.

While HotNews is controversial, it has its uses. The term “hot news” first gained recognition in 1918 when the United States Supreme Court decided that a competing wire service could not copy war reports from AP reporters in Europe without proper attribution. The concept of hot news has since spread to other states, though copyright laws still apply.

Subscribers can subscribe to HotNews in their MY AUGI profile. There, they can select topics and frequency. Subscribers can also customize the content of HotNews based on their interests and needs. AUGI recommends that subscribers read the HotNews guidelines before using the content on their websites.

HotNews is an important source of information for SAP professionals, but it can also be difficult to filter the information. To avoid being overwhelmed by information, you can create a filter that will only show you HotNews related to your favorite system. To make it easier to navigate, you can also move your favorite HotNews to a subtab.